Back-Pack Purses That Caught My Eye !

I Have been Seriously Lusting After Backpack style Purses, So I thought why not Compile a  “visual list ” Of some of the styles of them that have caught my eye lately. Its defiantly making me think I want to invest in one for my next handbag purchase. Also I made sure to include both affordable and more High end options in this post so if your on a budget like me your not left out in the FUN.
So Over all here are a few reasons why I am loving this style.
  1. BLACK  I have really been enjoying looking at outfits with just a small Pop of black with a backpack style purse . I think it makes any outfit look more edgy and cool. So That why there’s Lots of Black options in this Collage of purses.
  2. Convenient  For example the Henri Bendel backpack purse can either be carried like a Cross-body Handbag or as a Backpack. Also I love how all of these bags look very put together but also like they could carry a lot of items inside of them. I like that there are some zip pockets on the outside of some of these as well so you could put your keys or phone on the outside to have quick and easy access to them .
  3. Studs , Chains & Nude  I also like how the Nude can be paired with just about anything and its not a BOLD piece. While saying that I am also a fan of my purse having Studs and chains because I Don’t always wear a lot of jewelry so  my bags can be accessorized too ! This defiantly adds a kick to any outfit.

OK Everyone that’s all for today’s post so I hope you enjoyed my Little Wish-list/What caught my eye recently. Let me know down in the comments which backpack purse you like the most and if you have one ,why it’s your favorite to carry !


*FTC Disclosure The links attached to the images in this post include affiliate links, which means I make a small % Commission off of you clicking and making  any purchase made while using the link.Alternatively you can go directly to the Shops website if you prefer to do so. Thank you  anyone who uses my link I greatly appreciate your Support ! -Angelica*


  1. Laura

    August 9, 2017 at 6:09 pm

    I love mini backpacks! Such a great selection you’ve put together!
    Every one of them is eye candy!
    Laura ¦

    1. beautyfromangelica

      August 23, 2017 at 5:49 am

      Thank you So much for your Lovely comment!

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