Its Okay Not to Be Okay

So I am Super excited about this book! The Book is called “It’s Okay Not to be Okay ” by Sheila Walsh. I haven’t read any books by this author before but my Friend Heather has a facebook group geared towards Female Entrepreneurs who walk in faith. She shared the book as well as her plan to do a bible book study.

So I joined in for a few reasons , Firstly because I was very intriged by the title of the book. I’ve been going through a storm season in my faith and thought what better way to push through it then surrounding myself with a community of strong faith filled women. I was also excited about the idea of us all coming together over Zoom for a hour long discussion on the book as well as the related scripture. I’ve previously been involved in a Youth group during my last few years in highschool, it was the best time ever to have this amazing sense of understanding and community from peers.

The First two Sunday discussions were amazing! I was very excited to connect with women who were able to join in on these chats. It felt great to have the opportunity to share some of my experiences in faith that related to other women in the discussion. It was also amazing to hear one and others takeĀ  aways from the book and encourage each other as well. The group of women were all very warm and open to each others differnt paths in life. Its truly been so enjoyable thus far. I cant wait to try up my takeaways from each sunday.
Lastly, I plan on sharing any helpful takeaways to help anyone else going through a storm season. I think its important to remember that during these storms you may feel alone and even isolated but you will get through this stronger then ever before. Also if you can once your on the other side of it , throw a rope out and smile to help a fellow friend in their storm season.

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