So I don’t know about you but I hate hate hate it when Lipstick use to get on my chin, my clothing especially when it ruin’s my favorite outfits , all over my coffee cups ! Then as if that’s not bad enough there’s the  whole process of having to reapply it all the time in between eating or when it cracked and flaked off a little while after applying it .My Love for make up started long before I found out about Lipsense. Its ingrained in me from when I was a Small Child and I would watch my Grandmother put her lipstick on and she’d put a little on me as well .Which is why I’m particularly obsessed with lipstick/Lip colors.  I love the whole process of putting on make up and how it can Boost your Confidence instantly .  So When I heard about Lipsense I  Couldn’t believe it !

I remember thinking How Happy my MOM would be to not have my Lipstick all over her cups . Seriously though she really hated trying to clean a  cup with liquid lipstick stuck on it. So then I started researching it and Found my Sponsor who I signed up under and was amazed at how much of a community this company has created with Strong minded Women , who Hustle and Love Make up as much as Do .So instead  of spending the $55  to buy a Collection I spend it to Build my Business instead ! What an AMAZING decision that turned out to be for me  and so many other Women !

I still cant believe how helpful and welcoming everyone is in this business it truly is about building your business , while also not trying to tare down the one next to you ! I love the friendships and how Supportive everyone is in this and That you can Set your own Schedule , Build your business up at your own pace and BE YOUR OWN BOSS !  So whether you want an AMAZING Lip color that LASTS up to 18+ Hours and can stay put through your Hustle or you yourself want to Join us in this Amazing Groundbreaking business  the choice is yours !

I’m  Senegence / Lipsense Distributor so You can order this amazing product directly from me using this Order Form. To see available Colors & More visit my Exclusive Facebook group and request to JOIN !

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